Ilift Radiofrequency

Rejuvenation guaranteed!

Ilift radiofrequency is the most innovative device in the world of aesthetics, uses radio waves that spread in liquids, generating endogenous heat that stimulates collagen and elastin reproduction process, which thanks to a special hexapolar electrode allows you to treat all areas of face and body comfortably at home.

Within a few minutes of treatment per day, notice an improvement on your skin, it will regain the lost freshness and luster and elasticity of the past. The treatment uses radiofrequency ilift absolutely no contraindications method.

The results obtained with this apparatus are visible in a short time with constant treatments every day for two weeks.

The laserlift serum active substances are:

Hyaluronic acid: natural polymer capable of retaining large amounts of water in the cellular matrix, strong moisturizing substance with volumizing filler effect, of the red fruit extract from 'antioxidant and anti-free radical, extract Black Currant rich of vitamins and nutrients and the ' Octapeptide SNAP-8 from toning and firming power.

Within only a few minutes a day of treatment with radiofrequency ilift to get great results.

Ilift Radiofrequency - Treatment
Ilift Radiofrequency

How to use:

Apply the serum laserlift in the areas to be treated and massage with circular movements using ilift radiofrequency, following the instructions in the user manual.

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