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What is the aging of the skin and causes wrinkles?

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Skin aging is a biological phenomenon due to age. External factors - like free radicals - and skin structural modification can speed the process up, making collagen and elastic fibres thicker (from 20 years old on). Collagen fibres metabolism of synthesis and degradation slows down while soluble collagen increases. Fundamental substances seem to reduce: glycosaminoglycan and Hyaluronic acid reduce and polysaccharides metabolism slows down.

As skin ages, sebaceous and sudoriferous secretion lower, bringing to dehydration. Melanin production lowers, predisposing the making of dischromia, so healing process slows down and complexion becomes greyish.

The forming of wrinkles, the pictures, show a first normal tissue and then a fabric contract for the formation of a wrinkle

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The forming of wrinkles is the most characteristic sign of skin aging; it is due to the complex series of skin tissue structural modifications, which during a lifetime might bring a lessening in the support and elasticity function. Anyway, recently it has been assigned great importance to the mechanic-gravitational field as a consequence of face mimic muscles activity.

Muscles contraction determines your face expression, underlines emotional mood and it reflects on your skin forming “expression wrinkles”.

It is clear that as long as skin elasticity can offer resistance, skin muscle tension reduces spontaneously. When elasticity reduces, these stimuli bring “micro spasms” on mimic muscles which tend to become chronic as time goes by, increasing inexorably wrinkles evidence.


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Phase 1, cleanses deeply skin pores removing all the dirt, it maintains skin pH unchanged and improves the quality of fat skin and of acne skin.e
(Negative ions, infrared rays, and Micro.massage).

Phase 2 makes your skin more elastic and tonic and prepares your skin for Phase 3.
(Negative and positive ions, infrared rays and micro-massage).

Phase 3 makes laserlift botAction active substances penetrate the skin, stabilizing skin biological structure, increasing skin elasticity and giving it tone thanks to Rose Hips Extract, Glycoproteins, Hyaluronic Acid, and Soybean Proteins.
(Positive ions, infrared rays and micro-massage).

Phase 4 reduces face muscles tension, as botulinic toxin does, thanks to the action of a new Acetyl Hex Peptide.
(Positive and negative ions, infrared rays).

The visible results after one month of treatment

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“In vitro” and “in vivo” tests confirmed ilift and laserlift botAction effectiveness in reducing and preventing expression wrinkles, restoring health, youth and beauty to your skin.

Every product of the laserlift botAction line has the Cosmetic Dossier, where all effectiveness, tolerability and safety tests are provided.


The skin before and after treatment with ilift.