Ilift Firming

Immediate effect Push-ups!

ilift firming is leading the equipment in the field of aesthetics. Through the emission of positive ions facilitates the penetration of the active principles of the firm-up serum. The combined action of micro-massage, galvanic currents, positive ions and infrared in synergy with the special FIRM-UP formulation allows to achieve significant results in breasts with a immediate push-up effect . Within only a few minutes a day of treatment with firming ilift to get great results.

Serum firm-up guarantees the full absorption of the serum.

Ilift firming is able to let in more depth in the formulation of firm-up serum through the plate and to the action of the positive and the infrared ions stimulates more effectively the active ingredients.

Firm-up whey is an original formulation with innovative active principles, for the first time associated together.

The active ingredients of the firm-up serum are:

Hyacare It is the new hyaluronic acid to very low molecular weight, and is a natural polymer capable of retaining cellular matrix in large quantities of water. It is also a strong moisturizing substance with push-up effect of plumping.

Octapeptide SNAP-8: high-toning and firming power.

Rubus idaeus Leaf Extract: Its action increases the synthesis of collagen.

Ilift Firming - Before and after
Ilift Firming

How to use:

Apply FIRM UP-serum in the treatment areas and massage in circular motions using ilift firming, following the instructions in the user manual.